Cycling from Boston to the Canadian Rockies, dog in tow

On the road again


Yesterday (Tuesday) Hastings on Hudson, NY to Branford, CT Branford, CT to Templeton, MA (by car) Templeton, MA to Erving State Forest, Erving, MA 21 miles (pedaled) Yesterday, Dan and I rented a car in Ardsley, NY (a grand caravan minivan, which Dan and I both had growing up. They have really advanced the minivan…(Read More)

Today we ultimately decided that Russell is not going to continue on our adventure. This past week while at my parents house, we followed my plan for acclimating him to the trailer and he seemed to be making progress! We had high hopes for our first longer mileage ride on a nearby bike path. Unfortunately…(Read More)

Overhauled Trek 520


The road to acquiring Emily a touring bike has been long.  It didn’t have to be, but I can be difficult, and picky, when it comes to choosing gear.  I was a backpacker before I was a cyclist.  I’ve walked many a mile devising strategies to eliminate minuscule grams from the burden upon…(Read More)

As we mentioned in previous posts, Russell has been very unhappy riding in his trailer, which has made the first few days of our trip very difficult. We did not get him used to his trailer like we should have. I was convinced that the larger size and more comfortable set-up would make all…(Read More)

Monday, May 21 Littleton, MA to Pearl Hill State Park, Townsend, MA 21.76 miles Today was draining both physically (I pulled Russell) and emotionally (Russell howled 99% of the time). We started off with a lovely morning. As Dan mentioned in the previous post, we stayed in Littleton at Jenny and Paul’s (our…(Read More)

Sunday May 20, 2018 West Roxbury (Boston) MA, to Littleton, MA 39 miles We got a late start today after a morning of last minute preparations. By noon we had our bags packed and loaded on our bikes. Russell was loaded into his trailer with minimal fuss, but this was by no means foreshadowing of…(Read More)

Day 0


Dan and I decided to call today “Day 0.” I say we biked 19.86 miles (from start to finish) but Dan argues we should only count the last 9 miles after we got to the coast. My butt hurts like I rode 19.86 miles sooo… We started off the day with a delicious…(Read More)

We have a theme song


Let Me Lie, Trey Anastasio, Traveler Album. Dan informed me that I cannot post the song for you all to hear due to copyright mumbo-jumbo. It’s Wednesday night and we hope to leave on Friday (or Sunday if we are not ready). We had a hard time finding already planned bike routes that…(Read More)

In a few days, Emily, Russell and I (Dan) will be easing onto our bikes and and heading west from Boston.  We’ll pack our possessions into a couple bright yellow saddlebags, and coax Russell into his new “luxury” trailer.  Russ has proven to be a shrewd negotiator in these situations. He is all to…(Read More)

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