June 17 Day 24 – Wallaceburg to Port Huron 37
June 18 Day 25 – Port Huron to Yale 26.5 miles
June 19 Day 26 – Yale to Frankenmuth 65.5 miles
June 20 Day 27 – Frankenmuth to Midland 55 miles
June 21 Day 28 – Midland to Clare 32.5
June 22 Day 29 – Clare to Luther 68 miles
June 23 Day 30 – Luther to Ludington 52.5 miles

We arrived in Michigan after taking a short Ferry across the St. Claire River from Ontario, on Sunday, June 17. Our ride through Michigan started with some heat, a couple days in the high 90’s.
But, other that we had pretty uneventful start to Michigan. Until Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon/evening when 2 weird/alarming things happened:

(1) On Tuesday morning, I got bit by a dog! I am okay, and no skin was broken – it seemed like a “warning” bite, but it hurt! I still have a pretty good bruise on my thigh. We were pedaling along and came across a game farm and a large white dog started barking at us. We have been chased by a couple dogs before, and most recently a small dog chased after us as we pedaled away and nipped at our ankles. We did not want to get knocked down by this large dog so we slowed down as we passed. We were on the other side of the road, and this dog trots out, bites me, and then trots back to his/her driveway. I am just mad at the owners of this dog and think they are jerks! If you have a dog that is going to bite people, keep it behind a fence! After the dog bite, we actually had a really good day. Mostly because we had a great tailwind. We rode our longest day (we’ve gone further since!) and ended up in this small, touristy, Bavarian town, called Frankenmuth. It reminded us of Leavenworth, another small, touristy Bavarian town north of Seattle.

My dog bite
Claims to be the oldest micro-brewery in the country
Our meal

(2) The next day, on Wednesday evening, we found out that I am now apparently allergic to wasp stings. After a day of pedaling in farm fields that felt like the middle of nowhere, we were on a nice bike path right after a sizable town. Something hit my helmet and then I felt it fall into one of the vent holes. I reached up to see what it was and I got stung on my head (I think twice, on the top of my forehead in my hairline and a bit further up my head past that. But at the moment I had no idea, my whole head hurt!). It hurt so much! I started veering around on the bike, trying to unclip my shoes but forgetting to brake. Dan shouted at me to brake, which I’m thankful for because if he had not I probably would have crashed. I got off my bike, took off my helmet, and didn’t know what to do because it just hurt a lot. I sat down and drank some water and started to get really itchy, all over. My eyes started puffing and I noticed hives appearing all over my body. We were in a bit of a panic and didn’t know what to do. We had Dan’s epi-pens, which we grabbed just in case. I didn’t want to use them yet because I was still able to breath. Dan looked up our options and found that there was an urgent care and a hospital about three miles from where we were. I remembered a parking lot not far as well, where I thought we might be able to get some help. So we got back on our bikes and started pedaling back where we had come from. When we got to the parking lot, there was a woman, Keeley, who was either taking her bike out or putting it away (I’m not sure if we ruined her planned bike ride or just put a damper on her evening). I asked if she could help us by driving me to the urgent care. She was very willing and so kind, but could not fit Dan or our bikes. So I got in the car and Dan locked my bike and then rode his to meet us. We got there quickly and I checked in (still breathing – my reaction did not close my airways) and Keeley even waited for Dan to arrive. They gave me two shots of epinephrine, a shot of Benadryl, and prednisone. I think I was there for about two hours and by the time I was leaving, I had de-puffed a bit, was slightly less itchy, and was just extremely shocked by what had just happened.

We did have some good times in Michigan as well. We camped in a city park in Clare and a guy came up to us to ask about our ride. He said that he works at a bike shop in town and has always wanted to go on a tour. Dan asked him if he had an 8mm wrench (our multi tool has a 6mm and a 10mm) to check something on my bike. He did, and Dan used it quickly (everything was fine) and gave it back. We chatted a little bit more and he rode off. The next morning while we were packing up, we found an 8mm wrench just sitting on the picnic table for us!

We also liked Ludington, our last town in Michigan. We stayed at a nice campground and chatted with a few people. But I think my favorite part was finding a breakfast restaurant with gluten free bread AND gluten free muffins. I got a delicious breakfast sandwich and a muffin for later. It was a great was to start our ferry trip across Lake Michigan.

Even though what happened was not Michigan’s fault, I was not sorry to leave it behind and begin our ride through Wisconsin.

Partied too hard
My first Hormel experience
The only vegetables I could find. And they were so delicious.

By Emily

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  1. I was not happy to read about the bite ordeal all over again, but I was once again thankful for the kindness of strangers. Love the photos – how’s Hormel. xxoo