Eggs, Bacon, and Black Flies

Monday, May 21
Littleton, MA to Pearl Hill State Park, Townsend, MA
21.76 miles

Today was draining both physically (I pulled Russell) and emotionally (Russell howled 99% of the time). We started off with a lovely morning. As Dan mentioned in the previous post, we stayed in Littleton at Jenny and Paul’s (our friend Josh’s parents) house. They were so incredibly kind and generous! We had a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, heard about an incredible sounding trip to New Zealand, and Jenny even drove me up Whole Foods to pick something up for Russell.

I called Russell’s vet this morning to see if they could recommend something for his anxiety/stress while in the trailer until he gets used to it (I am convincing myself that we will help him get used to it and at least tolerate it because I don’t want to do this trip without him). The vet I spoke to was not that positive, but she suggested something called “Rescue Remedy” for pets. It is a homeopathic medicine that is supposed to help relieve stress without being a sedative. I’m not sure if it worked…We got about 5 miles in to our ride and decided we needed to reevaluate our plan. We were going to pedal about 35 miles to Rindge, NH. 5 miles into our day I was on the verge of tears. Russell was miserable and I didn’t know what to do. We found a campground much closer than our original plan of Rindge, NH – about 15 miles from where we were in Ayer. We decided to go to Pearl Hill State Park in Townsend, MA.

The rest of the ride was tough. Towing a howling Russell uphill was not pleasant to say the least. The question of ‘will this trip actually work?’ crossed my mind constantly.
We arrived at Pearl Hill, locked our bikes at our camp site, had a much needed snack, got attacked by black flies, and took Russ for a walk through the woods to a large pond. Russell seemed very happy to be out of his trailer and frolicking in the woods!

Because we went to Townsend instead of Rindge, NH and because the thought of towing Russel through the Green Mountains seems daunting, we decided to change our route. Instead of going through southern NH and southern VT, we are going to cycle across northern MA. Updates to our route map soon.

Tent and Bike Gear
Dan and Russell on our walk
Cooling off
Tired pup from howling all day

By Emily

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  1. Love you guys. Tough day bit you handled it perfectly and I can’t wait to hear more.