Day of tough decisions

Today we ultimately decided that Russell is not going to continue on our adventure. This past week while at my parents house, we followed my plan for acclimating him to the trailer and he seemed to be making progress! We had high hopes for our first longer mileage ride on a nearby bike path. Unfortunately, as soon as we started riding, Russell started crying. We rode about eight miles and Russ was anxious and miserable the whole time. We can not put him through three to four months of feeling like that. It would be miserable for all three of us. I am grateful to Dan’s mom for agreeing to watch him so we can continue our trip.

We are both feeling very sad about a summer (and our adventure!) without Russ.

Tomorrow, we will rent a car to first drive Russell to Branford, CT and then head back to Templeton, MA.

By Emily

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