We are Emily, Dan, and Russell (our German Shepherd/Doberman/who-knows-what) mutt – northeasterners, currently living in Boston, MA.

This blog documents our journey on bicycle from the Atlantic Ocean, in Boston, to Jasper National Park, in Alberta, CA.

Emily was first attracted to Dan after hearing stories about his previous adventures (hiking the Appalachian Trail with Russell and biking across the country on the trans-america route with Russell until Missouri). Since meeting during the summer of 2012, we have gone on a few shorter trips. Hiking the Long Trail in Vermont with Russell and biking to Virginia for a wedding (because why fly or drive when you can bike?). This is Emily’s first big trip and Dan’s third.

About Our Trip

A couple of years ago Emily was inspired (by a cheesy television show) to make a bucket list. This list includes places to visit, and things to see and do. While writing her list, Emily realized that she wanted to go on an “epic adventure” and that this adventure would preferably be on bicycle. Dan was, of course, excited about the potential for another big trip and the seed was planted.

We both liked our jobs (Dan was an accountant at a conservation non-profit and Emily was a preschool teacher naturalist at a nature center), but it came to the point of if not now, then when? Emily suggested biking to Banff National Park (a place on her bucket list) and upon looking at a map and seeing Jasper north of Banff, Dan replied, “No, let’s go to Jasper.”

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