A break in our regularly schedule tour…

As we mentioned in previous posts, Russell has been very unhappy riding in his trailer, which has made the first few days of our trip very difficult. We did not get him used to his trailer like we should have. I was convinced that the larger size and more comfortable set-up would make all the difference and he would be fine (happy, even!). But, Russell has been far from it. He gets into the trailer easily, but cries and howls as soon as we start moving. It has been a very emotionally draining few days for all of us.

We decided that we needed to do shorter miles to help him get more comfortable. But, we had a hard time finding places to stay within such short distances of each other (5-10 miles). On our third night, spent in Gardner, MA, I decided that we needed a new plan. We could not keep towing a miserable Russell.

I called my parents to see if they were able and willing to come pick us up, so we could spend some time getting Russell more comfortable in his trailer without worrying about where to stay overnight. They agreed, and very generously drove to Templeton, MA on Wednesday to scoop us up.

Here is my plan:
Thursday – walk Russell in his trailer, without the screen closed, around the block. One of us pushes the bike while the other one gives Russ treats. So far, we’ve done this twice today with a third one planned for later this afternoon. He whined a little the first time around, but no whining at all the second time! I am feeling positive. This evening, we are going to modify his trailer more, cutting the screen so he is able to stick his head out.
Friday – walk Russ again, at least three times, but with the new cut out screen. Take him for a longer walk than just around the block.
Saturday – ride Russell around the block.
Sunday – bring Russ to a nice bike path near by to take him on a longer ride.
Monday – same as Sunday.
Tuesday – evaluate our progress and make a decision on whether to continue our trip with Russell or bring him to Dan’s mom to watch him while we continue our trip without him.

Wish us luck! I am feeling optimistic after our two walks today!

(Another positive about coming to my parents house is that we get to see my sister and nephew on Saturday!)

(This is what we should have done prior to leaving)

By Emily

2 Responses to "A break in our regularly schedule tour…"
  1. Oy vey Russ! Good luck with the evaluation plan. Another positive is having more downtime to practice cribbage.

    • Thank Steve! Yesterday, while waiting for my parents to pick us up, we were the vagabonds sitting in the grass on a town green playing cribbage 🙂