We have a theme song

Let Me Lie, Trey Anastasio, Traveler Album. Dan informed me that I cannot post the song for you all to hear due to copyright mumbo-jumbo.

It’s Wednesday night and we hope to leave on Friday (or Sunday if we are not ready). We had a hard time finding already planned bike routes that went east/west across Massachusetts. Of the few we did find, there was one that would bring us through Keene, NH. We lived in Keene for about a year while Emily was in graduate school and fell in love with a restaurant that serves delicious brunch only on the weekend. Brunch has been a huge motivating factor in other long trips (we spent the last three days on the Long Trail discussing the brunch we would eat on our first morning off the trail at this same restaurant in Keene). So, if we leave on Friday morning, we will get to Keene on Sunday and will (hopefully) be able to feast on a delicious brunch.

Since leaving our jobs on May 11, we have had a lot to do in preparation for our trip. This “to do” list has included: get health insurance; get my bike; clean and organize our home; weighing all of our gear (can you guess who spearheaded that task?); and lots more. We picked up my bike today (Dan will post more on that later) and will actually do our first leg of the trip tomorrow – biking downtown so Dan gets his “atlantic ocean start.” We will bike from our home to the bay in Charlestown and possibly make a pit stop at the Museum of Science. Dan has never been and we have both wanted to see the Bradford Washburn exhibit. I am excited to get on my bike and see how it rides!

By Emily

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  1. I wish you a safe, wonderful trip. Have lots of exciting adventures and take good care of each other. I miss you already and love you very much.