Day 1 – Howling and Hospitality

Sunday May 20, 2018
West Roxbury (Boston) MA, to Littleton, MA 39 miles

We got a late start today after a morning of last minute preparations. By noon we had our bags packed and loaded on our bikes. Russell was loaded into his trailer with minimal fuss, but this was by no means foreshadowing of the day ahead.

When pedaling off from our driveway, my brain had trouble grasping the number of miles we hoped to ultimately ride; instead it felt like today we were just leaving for a ride around our neighborhood.

Right away, pulling Russ felt heavy, but we were jazzed and cruising along. It seemed like the first hot and muggy day of the year, and Emily reminded me that I have developed a stronger “musk” since we first met.

We had two planned breaks today, both at locales introduced to us by our friends, Sara and Steve. First is the oddly named Cat Rock Park in Weston, which outshines my previous dog park standard bearer, the Southbury dog park. This stop was our attempt to associate good vibes between Russ and his trailer. Russ made a fairly large stink about being in his trailer up to Cat Rock. A stroll in the woods and a cooling swim in the pond did nothing to alter Russ’s opinion of his bicycle chariot.

After Cat Rock we stopped at our favorite pie locale (Verrill Farms) for lunch. It was delicious. The last 17 miles to Littleton was a pleasant ride, minus the heavy wailing cargo behind me.

We were planning to camp in Jenny and Paul’s (our friend Josh’s parents) backyard, but were invited in and given a bed and hot shower! Josh and Sarah were also in attendance to welcome us in from the road!

Setting up our bikes at home:

Cat Rock Park:

Exausted from a long day of voicing his displeasure:

By Dan