Day 0

Dan and I decided to call today “Day 0.” I say we biked 19.86 miles (from start to finish) but Dan argues we should only count the last 9 miles after we got to the coast. My butt hurts like I rode 19.86 miles sooo…

We started off the day with a delicious (as always) brunch at Rox Diner and then rode downtown for our official start at the “coast.” I put “coast” in quotations because it was really just the Boston harbor. But, coast or not, it was our official start! We rode Dan’s old commuting route to Charlestown and claimed our start at the USS Constitution. I’d like to believe that my grandfather would be pleased that we started at a Navy boat (although, I am positive he would not be pleased with the trip in general…). From there, we decided to stop at the Museum of Science, as, I previously mentioned, we have been meaning to go to see the Brad Washburn exhibit. For those of you who don’t know, Brad Washburn was a mountaineer, cartographer, and photographer in the mid 1900’s who founded the Museum of Science in Boston. Washburn spent a lot of time in the White Mountains and his photographs of the area are beautiful. We had high hopes for the permanent Washburn exhibit and were very disappointed. It was basically a timeline of his life as it relates to the Museum of Science with a couple photos of him and his wife – not the exhibit we were expecting. Despite the disappoint at the museum, it was a great day of riding. It felt really good to be on my bike and the ride through the city was fun. However, I do have a few morals from the day:
1. Don’t go to the Museum of Science if all you want to see is Brad Washburn photographs.
2. If riding almost 20 miles on mostly flat roads and bike paths with minimal weight was tiring, I am going to be exhausted on Sunday!

By Emily

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