Cycling from Boston to Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada

In a few days, Emily, Russell and I (Dan) will be easing onto our bikes and and heading west from Boston.  We’ll pack our possessions into a couple bright yellow saddlebags, and coax Russell into his new “luxury” trailer.  Russ has proven to be a shrewd negotiator in these situations. He is all to aware that there is significant room to run from our initial offering of meat-snack.  Seven years ago, at the start of my Virginia to Oregon ride, Russell attempted to evade his fate by taking advantage of a nearby open car door, and hurled himself into the relative safety of a stranger’s backseat.  We have a low bar to compete with this time around.

Our route will ultimately take us 3,400 miles to Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.  We will begin along the Boston coast, wind along the Charles River and over to our home on the western edges of the city.  From there we will pedal up to Keene NH, head across southern Vermont and link up with the Erie Canal trail in NY. In Buffalo, NY we will begin following a mix-mash of the Adventure Cycling Association’s routes:

The Lake Erie Connector Route will take us along the northern shores of Lake Erie and across Michigan.  The North Lakes Route will take us across Wisconsin to the outskirts of Minneapolis.  From there we link up with the Northern Tier Route across Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana.  Lastly we will connect to the Great Parks North Route and revel in the glory of Glacier National Park, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.

The map below gives a rough outline of our route:

By Dan